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Nutritional Benefits of LJB Farms Produce


America's waistlines have been steadily expanding for the past decades, and it's more than a problem of vanity. The increasing problem of obesity affects individuals and the public as whole. Heart disease, cancer, diabetes, and other dangerous diseases are linked to obesity, and the impact these diseases have on our healthcare system and economy is not trivial.

Unfortunately, many Americans are confused by the scores of diets and overwhelming amounts of conflicting information they read and hear about in magazines, on the news, and from our doctors. Even if they want to eat well, many don't know how.

Health professionals agree that diets high in fruits, vegetables, and fiber, low in fatty meats, and low in processed food (especially white bread, white rice, and so on) lead to better health. When combined with regular exercise, this healthy diet fights disease and helps us stay slim. Though other fad diets may be successful short-term weight loss solutions, the basic principles outlined in this paragraph constitute a diet for a healthy life, beyond the short term.

Though we at LJB Farms are not nutritionists or doctors, we understand the principles of healthy eating, and we strive to provide the freshest fruits and vegetables to the public, so they may eat healthy.





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